Get involved with Chem Club

Are you interested in getting involved with an ACS-certified ChemClub? The department is here to support you! We would like to help students start up ChemClub as an ACS Chemistry Club Section.

Being in a ChemClub is valuable leadership experience and you can also apply for grants and awards through the ACS. Developing leadership experience by being involved in activities outside of the classroom is important for being well-rounded graduate, and will help with applications for professional schools and other careers.

DePaul University Chem Club

There is a starter grant that is due by May 26th which provides a starting budget for the Club. We’re happy to help you put the grant together. However, the date is right around the corner, so starting the club after that date is okay too.

Check out some possible Chem-Club activities:

• Contributing posts to the Catalyst Blog
• Organizing events fun events for chemistry students (like the CHE vs. BIO softball event, Field trips to interesting chemistry-related places, study sessions, bake sales, etc.)
• Creating outreach projects for local events such as science fairs
• Being involved in Departmental events such as the Awards Symposium, the lab open house, and the “secrets to succeed” events.
• Any other interesting activities and proposals you come up with!

In order to start an ACS chapter, the minimum is 6 student members of the ACS and a faculty advisor (Dr. Grice is happy to serve in that role and come to all of the meetings, and Dr. Maresh and Dr. Jin have also expressed their support to be faculty advisors along with Nicole Hack as staff advisor if necessary). The group will need to meet and fill out an application form and make bylaws for the student chapter. (More information can be found here.) Students from the freshman level up through seniors can participate – starting earlier has it benefits because then you can have the opportunity to be involved for a longer period of time.

If you are interested, email Dr. Grice ( with your name and the email address that you regularly use. Dr. Grice will email the group to start the process to help coordinate a first meeting time. You do not need to be an ACS member to participate, but at least 6 of the student members need to be ACS members for it to be an ACS-recognized club.

Don’t forget to join our DePaul University Chemistry Club group on Facebook!


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