Physics + Chemistry | Course Scheduling for Chemistry Majors

As a chemistry major, when planning your course schedule have you ever wondered:
When should I take physics? What prerequisites are needed to take physical chemistry?

It is important to remember to complete the Physics 170 sequence (PHY170, PHY171, PHY172) in a timely manner. Successful completion of PHY172, as well as CHE202/CHE204/CHE205, is a prerequisite for starting the physical chemistry sequence (CHE302/CHE303). Therefore, you need to plan ahead and make sure you take physics the year before you want to take physical chemistry. Since it is highly suggested that you take physical chemistry as a junior, this means you should be taking your physics courses during your sophomore year.

As always, you should meet with your assigned academic advisor in the department each quarter when registering for classes to discuss your specific schedule and to answer any questions you may have.


Get involved! Chem Club Meeting this Friday.

DePaul University Chemistry Club Meeting

Join us to discuss plans for getting the club registered with ACS and ideas for next year’s events. We can also discuss plans for summer if students will be in town.

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