Nobel Prize Season

It’s that time of year again.

The Nobel Prizes are announced in early October, and the all-important Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be announced Wednesday October 7th, no earlier than 11:45 am (That’s less that two weeks from now!). Note that it is announced in Sweden, so that would be no earlier than 4:45 am our time. If you are awake at that time, you can probably watch the announcement live on a videostream.

So, who is going to win the Nobel Prize? Its always kept a secret until the announcement, so we will have to wait and see. If you want to see information on previous Nobel Laureates in chemistry, the Nobel website is a great resource. According to the website, the prize goes to “the person who shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement”. Often it is a real surprise to many people, including the winners themselves.

We aren’t going to speculate who will get it this year, but there are those out there who are putting forth various predictions. See these external sites: Here, Here, and Here.

We will definitely write a post after we find out who gets it this year! Until then, we will have to wait in anticipation.

-Dr. Grice


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