Lessons on Effective Teaching via Dr. Ruben Parra

Ruben Parra DePaul University chemistryDr. Ruben Parra, Professor of Chemistry and Director of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA), recently presented a seminar on Being an Effective Teacher, which was hosted by DePaul University’s TLA Office on October 1st, 2015 on DePaul’s Loop Campus.

This seminar was specifically geared towards the Chicago Area Assessment Group (CAAG). CAAG consists of a group of approximately 15 institutions, including DePaul, that meet periodically in the city to share assessment best practices.  The mission of the Chicago Area Assessment Group (CAAG) is to advance understanding of assessment and its impact on college and university planning and effectiveness. The audience of the seminar primarily consisted of individuals responsible for faculty development and assessment at various colleges and universities in the large Chicago area, most coming from CAAG though an invitation to the seminar was also made to select faculty and staff members of DePaul University too.

Dr. Parra spoke on excellence in teaching, and how higher education administrators and faculty measure or determine it. One important point that was emphasized is that teaching excellence is built upon a baseline we called effective teaching. Effective teaching itself is generally defined as the intentional development of instruction that facilitates significant and lasting learning. That is, for teaching to be effective, significant learning needs to occur. Effective teaching and hence, excellence in teaching needs to be contextualized with the institution mission and vision.
Effective Teacher Presentation_EvaluationRead more about Dr. Parra’s work with Teaching, Learning and Assessment at DePaul University’s Newsline and find out more about the Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessments at their blog, Learning in Progress


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