Call to Chem Alumi: We need you!


We need you!


We are re-invigorating our commitment to regular advisory board meetings and wanted to see if you are interested in being on the board. The Chemistry Alumni Advisory Board is invited to meet on campus once or twice a year, with the first yearly meeting to be scheduled for mid-to-late fall quarter and the second for late spring quarter; each meeting will be about two hours in length. Our first meeting of 2016 will be May 20th, the same day as our Annual Awards Symposium.

The Alumni Board will make recommendations and offer feedback on ways to improve the chemistry curriculum offerings and program quality, to increase program enrollments (B.S./B.A. and M.S.), to improve the visibility of the Department and the College of Science and Health, and to improve the interaction between the department and alumni. If this interests you, and you think you can attend the May 20th meeting, contact the department as soon as possible and let us know by emailing Dr. Grice, the Development Committee co-chair at We are also looking for alumni to present at the May 20th Awards Symposium after the Alumni Board Meeting. The presentation should be short (ca. 20 min.) and be relevant for our chemistry majors, such as explaining your career path from DePaul to your current position and how your time at DePaul informed that path.

Before a meeting, the Board will be given a list of specific areas for which the department needs feedback and suggestions. But, feedback and suggestions are of course not limited to the list.

The Board will be briefed by the Chair of the Department on the current status of the department, the faculty and their areas of research, and current students and their accomplishments and career paths. During and after the meeting, the Board will have a chance to meet our faculty and staff as well as the students, and ask questions. All meetings will likely occur on Fridays around early afternoon and run for no more than two hours.

Throughout the year, Board members (and any and all alumni!) are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions. Alumni are also encouraged (but not required) to be a part of the Alumni Share Knowledge (ASK), “a network of committed alumni and friends who serve as career mentors, working with students one-on-one, in practice interviews and at job fairs, and speaking at networking events and open houses throughout the university”. “By sharing accomplishments, insights and connections, the ASK volunteer network can help open important doors for professional growth and networking.” For more information on ASK, check out their website:

We look forward to having you back on campus!


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