Staff Spotlight: Nicole Hack

Our department is composed not only of our students and faculty,  but we also have great staff members as well! We are planning on highlighting them periodically on The Catalyst in addition to posting about our students, alumni, and faculty.

IMG_1372If you’ve ever come to our front office, you’ve probably met Nicole, but we wanted to give you a little bit more information about her. Nicole is the Department Assistant, which actually means she handles a wide variety of things behind the scenes, including everything from ordering chemicals, to processing time sheets, to reserving rooms, promoting events and beyond. Her day-to-day work is extremely diverse, so instead of covering what she does, we’ll focus on some of the things you might not know about her.

First of all, Nicole recently had her 10 year anniversary as a staff member for DePaul (January 31st to be specific)! Congratulations Nicole! She has worked in various departments including HR and HAA within LAS.

Nicole is also an alumna of DePaul (2004), and has a degree in English with a concentration in Professional and Technical Writing.

Not only that, but Nicole also is currently a graduate student in the New Media Studies program (WRD/LAS). Her background in writing and experience in the New Media Studies program has been valuable in helping the department with various reports and publications (including getting this blog going!). Once she graduates from the NMS program, she is planning on using her diverse skill set in writing and media and is eyeing a future in content management, social media management, communications management, content/social media strategy, and/or digital marketing.

Outside of DePaul, Nicole primarily spends her time playing or supporting soccer. She has played soccer in adult coed and women’s leagues and helped Kick It Social, primarily with its women’s league, over the last three years.

Additionally, she is in her second year as Director of Communications for Section 8 Chicago (S8C) the Independent Supporters’ Association for Chicago Fire. S8C helps to “supplement the efforts between independent fans, coordinate between supports groups and act as a liaison between fans and the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.” Her goals for her work with S8C is to help improve web presence, create community and help give more women the opportunity and encouragement to be involved in soccer’s supporters’ culture.

Just as there is a lack of representation of women in STEM, there is a lack of presence of women soccer supporters and opportunities for adult women to play soccer in Chicago. Nicole considers herself to be an activist for women in soccer. She strives to help give women an opportunity to support soccer in a supportive environment and also work to give women more opportunities to play women’s only soccer in the city.

Outside of soccer, Nicole spends time with her boyfriend and Tamale (her very affectionate cat). She also enjoys exploring Chicago whenever the weather permits with her friends and family too.

We asked Nicole about recommendations for people new to Chicago and here’s what she said:

“I’ve lived in Pilsen the last nine years, so my recommendations for great taquerias are endless. I suggest Los Comales, La Vaca, and 5 Rabanitos Restaurante. I also spend a lot of time in West Loop and the Ukrainian Village/Wicker Park area – in the West Loop I suggest Nando’s, De Cero/Hello Tacos, and Lone Wolf. In UK Village/WP I recommend Chop Shop and 5411 Empanadas.

18th Street in Pilsen has really great second-hand stores, a free Mexican Fine Art Museum (the largest in the nation!) and a surplus of great art galleries that I highly recommend people check out.”

So, next time you run into Nicole in the front office, now you know a little more about her! If you are a soccer fan, she’s definitely someone to talk to!

Coming soon on The Catalyst, we will be highlighting some research of our faculty members.




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