Student Research Presented at CAURS!

We were very proud this weekend of our students attending CAURS to present their research! CAURS is the Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is in its 12th year and includes many Chicago-Area institutions. It is organized by and designed for, undergraduate researchers across many fields. This year it was at the Museum of Science and Industry, which was a really great venue.

If you have never been to CAURS, it’s free, and any DePaul student can go present (we saw some Bio dept folks there presenting and judging too!). We also had observers (Dr. Grice) attend and graduate students go to the event as judges (Miles and Edgar).

There is a keynote speaker each year. Last year was Sam Kean and this year was Marius Stan (a researcher at Argonne in addition to an actor, playing Bodgan on Breaking Bad). Dr. Stan gave a great opening keynote presentation that was really entertaining.

Our students presented their posters to graduate students and faculty judges and were given feedback to help them develop their research communication skills.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CAURS generally happens in April every year. Put it on your calendar for next year to come and support DePaul student research!



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