Science Writing and Communication Poster Session

In the spring quarter of 2016, Dr. Sarah Read (WRD) and Dr. Timothy French (CHE) taught a new course  CHE494 – Science Writing and Communication.  The course was developed to prepare students to be effective writers and communicators in academic and industrial settings.

At the end of the quarter, CHE494 students participated in a poster session, where they designed and presented posters adapted from published literature articles of their choosing. The objective of the poster session was to mimic the experience of attending and presenting a research poster at a conference.

The idea behind this course, which is a product of a Collaborative Instruction Fellow Stipend, is to teach students strategies to confidently tackle rhetorical problems within their domain of expertise, which is chemistry in this case. This is often difficult to accomplish in writing courses or science courses alone. By bringing together subject matter experts in both fields, this team-taught course combines both fields in an immersive classroom experience.

Here’s a look at the end-of-quarter poster session:

What: CHE494 Poster Session
When: Wednesday, June 1, 5-6 pm
Where: McGowan South, 3rd Floor




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