Faculty Mentor of the Year awards


Dr. Paul Vadola was honored with a CSH Faculty Mentor of the Year award in 2016. Dr. Vadola’s nomination cites his passion for organic chemistry and for helping students to find success in the classroom and their careers.

Dr. Caitlin Karver and Dr. Kyle Grice were also nominated for the award. Dr. Karver’s nomination describes her as extremely approachable and welcoming and dedicated to supporting her students in and out of the classroom. Dr. Grice’s nomination explains that he encourages students to apply for scholarships and awards, and create presentations for showcases and conferences.

Congratulations to our outstanding faculty!


2-credit Scientific Poster Class in the Fall

Although this isn’t a chemistry course, we would like to highlight a 2-credit course that will be taught in the Fall by a friend of the department, Dr. Sarah Read from Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse (WRD). She previously co-taught a course with our own Dr. French on Science Writing and Communication.

The course is a 2-credit class: “WRD 291 – The Scientific Research Poster”. It’s a perfect opportunity for research students to develop and create a poster based on their work, and the class is designed to have the final poster ready for the Annual Research Showcase in November! If you are a student doing research in a group and are looking for an opportunity to learn how to make a great poster, this class is something you should definitely look at. There are currently two different sections available. This course is open for all students, so if you know students doing research in other departments that might find this useful, let them know! This course is only being offered this autumn, and contact Dr. Read in WRD if you have any questions.

Here is the description from the course catalog:

“An introduction to the poster as a mode for presenting scientific research in conference settings. In-class workshops will step students through the poster writing and design process, including modules on project planning, the composition and organization of written content, data visualization, fundamentals of visual design and how to talk about your poster with conference attendees. Students will compose and design a poster on a timeline to present at DePaul’s annual Natural Science, Mathematics and Technology Showcase.”

Student Poster at National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

We are proud to have our DePaul Chemistry students participating in the 35th National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium this summer! The symposium occurs every other year and has been running since 1948. Chemistry major Courtney Kent presented a poster based on her work in Dr. Karver’s Lab. She has been synthesizing new analogs of the Karver Lab’s triaminopyrimidine inhibitors and has screened them for activity against inflammatory caspases, a group of enzymes associated with immune response and autoimmune inflammatory disorders.

Here are Courtney (left) and Dr. Karver (right)  with Courtney’s poster at the symposium:

Courtney Kent and Dr. Karver

Courtney was supported this summer by the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP), a great way for students to do summer research at DePaul and receive support for doing so. If you are a DePaul student interested in research, keep it in mind for next summer!