Student Poster at National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

We are proud to have our DePaul Chemistry students participating in the 35th National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium this summer! The symposium occurs every other year and has been running since 1948. Chemistry major Courtney Kent presented a poster based on her work in Dr. Karver’s Lab. She has been synthesizing new analogs of the Karver Lab’s triaminopyrimidine inhibitors and has screened them for activity against inflammatory caspases, a group of enzymes associated with immune response and autoimmune inflammatory disorders.

Here are Courtney (left) and Dr. Karver (right)  with Courtney’s poster at the symposium:

Courtney Kent and Dr. Karver

Courtney was supported this summer by the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP), a great way for students to do summer research at DePaul and receive support for doing so. If you are a DePaul student interested in research, keep it in mind for next summer!


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