New Full-Time Chemistry Faculty in 2016

This Autumn quarter we were delighted to have three new full-time faculty join our Department.

dr-charles-rubert-perezProf. Charles Rubert Pérez joined the department a little early, teaching CHE139 in the summer, but started full time this quarter as a tenure-track assistant professor. He will be teaching organic chemistry lecture and laboratory this academic year. He is also starting a research group here at DePaul and is currently looking for dedicated and highly motivated students to join his group.

His research interests lie in the area of supramolecular polymers, which are materials composed of monomeric units held together by non-covalent interactions (ionic, aromatic, hydrogen-bonding, hydrophobic effects, metal-ligand, host-guest chemistry, etc.). The polymerization process in which these monomeric units are attracted to each other is often referred to as “self-assembly”. Supramolecular polymers differ from typical synthetic polymers in that covalent bonds are not necessary for polymerization. Some of the advantages of supramolecular polymers include: the diversity of monomeric unit that can be used (small molecules, peptides, DNA, sugars. Etc.), their formation can be reversible and externally triggered by mild stimuli (salt, pH and/or temperature) and they have the potential to form highly ordered and complex supramolecular structures such as fibers, spheres, ribbons, sheets and tubes at the nanoscale level. Such materials have shown to have vast applications in the field of nanotechnology for regenerative medicine, drug delivery, electronics and coatings, among others. The Rubert lab will specialize in designing unique peptide sequences and small molecules as monomer units to promote the formation of functional supramolecular polymers for applications in cell culture, anti-bacterial properties and catalysis using aromatic (π-π and π-cation interactions), salt-bridges and metal-ligand interactions as the main driving force for self-assembly. If you are interested in discussing research with Dr. Perez, email him at (insert email) to set up an appointment.

Two visiting assistant professors also joined us this year, and will be teaching a variety of courses:



Prof. Gwen Baumann joined us from Benedictine University in Springfield, and is teaching Fundamentals of General Chemistry Lecture and Lab, Biochemistry lab, and Forensics this quarter (CHE 128, 129, 341, and 109, respectively). Prof. Baumann’s office is in the front office suite, and her office hours this quarter are Monday 10-11 AM, Thursday 1-2 PM, and Friday 9-11 AM.




Prof. Amanda Baum-Wagner joined us from Marquette University, where she obtained her PhD in inorganic chemistry. She is originally from Cary, Ilinois, so her position with us is a bit of a homecoming.  Prof. Baum-Wagner is teaching Fundamentals of General Chemistry  Lab, General chemistry lecture and lab, and Biochemistry lab this quarter (CHE 129, 130, 131, and 341, respectively). Prof. Baum-Wagner’s office is in the chemistry front office suite and office hours are Monday 1-2 PM, Tuesday 3-4 PM and Thursday 1-3 PM.


Dr. Baumann & Dr. Baum-Wagner at the 2016 Convocation.

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