Angela Moses: MS Graduate of DePaul Chemistry

Our very own Dr. Kyle Grice had the opportunity to chat with recent MS graduate, Angela Moses. Read more to discover what Moses is most passionate about in the chemistry world and what she hopes to do now that she’s graduated.


Angela Moses1) What attracted you to the Master’s program at DePaul?

I was really attracted to the master’s program here at DePaul because for one, as an undergraduate here at DePaul, I knew all of the professors and could get more information regarding whatever my interest was given that I knew everyone. It was very familiar, which I really liked that aspect of it. I got into the 5-year BS/MS program that made this even more appealing to me as it would only really take me another year to complete a master’s degree in chemistry, which was something I really wanted to do in the first place.
2) Where did you complete your BS and what area of chemistry did you focus on? Did you work at a job before coming to DePaul?

I received my BS degree here at DePaul University with a concentration in Analytical/Physical Chemistry. During undergrad, I worked in the chemistry department as a lab prepper, as a course assistant, as well as a teaching assistant. I also conducted research with Dr. Kozak (focused on theory) and with Dr. Parra (computational). During the last two years of my undergrad career, I also worked as a supplemental instruction leader and then became a supplemental instruction leader mentor during my senior year. I enjoyed all of my jobs here at DePaul!

3) What area of chemistry is currently most interesting to you and why?

Before I took the advanced inorganic course, I would have said anything physical or analytical. I say that because I love math, and both these concentrations revolve around math. Analytical chemistry is a passion because it was super hard/challenging because here, everything is taken into account, as it should be. And it just made much more sense as the course went on. Physical chemistry is very different from anything that I have done, and I love it. It’s super hard but that’s where the fun begins for me. I loved quantum mechanics and kinetics because kinetics brought everything together and made everything make much more sense.

I am still interested in the analytical/physical aspect of chemistry, but I did grow a different kind of love for inorganic chemistry, mainly, organometallics. After I took the graduate level course my senior year, everything was crystal clear to me, and I became fascinated with the subject/ Metals are very interesting and I would love to know more about them.

4) What are your career interests/plans after completing the MS program?

After completing the MS program, I am looking to work in industry and/or teach for a bit. I am considering a PhD in either chemical engineering or environmental engineering, but that is not a for sure thing. I am thinking about it.

5) Do you have any activities or interests outside the classroom that you would like to share? This could be a job, research, TA’ing, community service, hobbies, etc.

Yes, I did research – and would love to continue research, I TA/CA and prep labs. I love reading when I have nothing else to do, and I am a movie fanatic. Movies are my thing. I could sit down and watch movies forever; I guess I consider this my hobby. In high school I used to volunteer at a hospital, however, once I got into college I didn’t have as much time to volunteer.

6) Do you have any advice for undergraduates interested in a Master’s degree? How has the MS program been different than a BS program?

I’d say that if you really love whatever it is that you’re doing, I would pursue it to have a better understanding of these concepts. The more you learn, every little aspect will make much more sense, and I promise, you won’t regret getting a higher education. It’s hard but it’s totally worth it.


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