Faculty Conference Presentations


Related to our recent post highlighting faculty publications in 2016, our faculty members have been busy sharing the wonderful work that has been going on here at DePaul during some recent conference trips.

During the summer of 2016, Dr. Timothy French was awarded a travel grant so that he could travel to The Biennial Conference on Chemical Education and present a talk regarding the development of his Discover Chicago (LSP110) course entitled “Chicago: Food, Science and Society”. He had previously attended a cCWCS workshop regarding food chemistry in summer 2015 and used the information he had learned there to develop this course. Dr. French gave a presentation on how this workshop had transformed his teaching and inspired the creation of his LSP110, which explores special topics such as molecular gastronomy and the way that food shapes our culture and society, with specific focus on foods produced and consumed in Chicago.

Dr. Kyle Grice traveled to Binghamton, New York to the ACS Northeastern Regional Conference (NERM) in October 2016 to present his group’s work that explores the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide through the use of early transition metal complexes. Dr. Grice gave a talk regarding this project, while his undergraduate student, Cesar Saucedo, presented a poster based on his study of the electrochemical behavior of early metal metallocene complexes in the presence of carbon dioxide. Their work aims to develop novel homogeneous electrocatalysts that facilitate efficient electrochemical reduction of CO2 to liquid fuels.

Last week, Dr. Catherine Southern and her group members Nick Tassone, Gena Lenti and Alan Mlotkowski returned from a trip to New Orleans where they attended the 61st Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society. Nick and Gena presented a poster concerning their study of the spectroscopic properties and enzymatic activity of fluorescent caspase substrates. In addition, Alan was chosen to give a 60 second “flash talk” reviewing his work involving single molecule FRET to study the deglycoslation of of immunoglobin G antibodies. He also presented a poster later in the week. Dr. Southern speaks very fondly of their time at the conference – she mentioned that one of the highlights was being able to attend the National Lecture, presented by Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig (2014 winner for his work in the development of super-resolution microscopy) who spoke of his work in the field and even shared films of live cells moving which were made possible by his continued work in developing new high-resolution microscopy techniques.

Also, don’t forget about the upcoming conferences we highlighted recently.


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