The Department Marches For Science!

As you are probably aware, last Saturday, the 22nd, was the March for Science across the globe. Chicago’s march was 40,000 strong, and DePaul students, staff, and faculty were there to show their support for Science.

DePaul chemistry students and faculty members joined other science enthusiasts downtown in Grant Park to participate in the March for Science. The march was organized in the spirit of advocating for the scientific community and to voice support for the preservation of the scientific method. The morning began with a lively rally that encouraged those in attendance to continue to strive for scientific excellence all while promoting scientific curiosity and the preservation of our planet as the march coincided with the annual celebration of Earth Day. Supporters then marched down Columbus Drive toward The Field Museum where the event culminated with a science expo that included booths from local educational programs and advocate groups eager to share their information and passion for science with the general public. Those present included Drs. Karver, French, Baum-Wagner, Maresh, and Perez, as well as various students both individually and as part of student groups. They even ran into some faculty from the BIO department there!

Check out the photos below:

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Recent Curriculum Changes


The Department of Chemistry strives to provide the best and the most appropriate curriculum to its majors and minors. It is therefore necessary to make changes periodically in response to the changing needs of the field and the students and therefore to better prepare students for the future.  Below is a list of recent curriculum changes that students need to be familiar with. Students are highly encouraged to seek advising from their academic advisor to better plan for their program of study.

  1. CHE 128/129 – Basic Chemistry Concepts: This set of lecture and lab courses will no longer be offered during the regular academic year. Instead, the department will start offering CHE 120 and CHE 122 (see below) to fill the gap. Summer FYAS will offer CHE128/129 as they have in previous years.


  1. CHE 120 – General Chemistry IP (meets 6 hours per week) – This is a new course the department will be offering starting in AY1718. It is an introductory course for science majors and covers the same subject matter and sequence of topics as that of CHE 130 – General Chemistry I. However, this course includes additional coverage of fundamental chemistry concepts and more in-class time devoted to developing problem-solving skills. CO-REQUISITE(S): CHE131 and MAT 130 if math placement indicates MAT 130 (5 quarter hours). Enrollment into this course will be dependent on the student’s Chemistry Placement Test score.


  1. CHE 122 – General Chemistry IIP (meets 6 hours per week) – This is the second course of three in the General Chemistry series that covers the same material as that of CHE 132. However, this course includes additional coverage of fundamental chemistry concepts and more in-class time devoted to developing problem-solving skills. CO-REQUISITE(S): CHE133 (5 quarter hours). Enrollment into this course will be dependent on a student receiving a C- or higher in either CHE 120 or CHE 130.


  1. CHE 202 – Applied Probability and Statistics (2 credit hours) and CHE 394 – Seminar (2 credit hours) will no longer be offered starting in the 2017-18 academic year.


The content of CHE 202 will be partially covered in CHE 205 (Analytical Chemistry Lab) but mostly covered in CHE 261 (Instrumental Analysis Lecture and Lab), a new chemistry foundation course that will replace CHE 202 and CHE 394 (in terms of credits) for students entering into the chemistry program in autumn of 2017 and beyond.

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Cesar Saucedo wins 1st Place Oral Presentation at LSAMP Conference

We found out recently that Cesar Saucedo, a Junior Chemistry major, won 1st place in Oral presentations at the Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) spring symposium in STEM. Cesar’s talk was titled “Electrochemical Behavior of Group 6 Metal Carbonyls for CO2 Reduction.”  Congratulations Cesar!

Cesar LSAMP photo

LSAMP is an organization that supports minority participation in Science and Technology, and they can fund students performing research in chemistry. They have a yearly spring symposium where students from several Illinois colleges and universities come to present their research in the form of posters and oral presentations. If you are interested in being involved in the LSAMP program at DePaul, contact Victoria Simek at the STEM center.

SAVE THE DATE: 2017 Annual Chemistry Research & Awards Symposium

2017 Symposium

Our 2017 Annual Chemistry Research & Awards Symposium will take place on Friday, May 19th in McGowan South (room TBD). Join us in celebration of the end of the academic year and find out if you or your peers will be honored in winning scholarships or other departmental awards.

In the meantime, check out photos from the 2016 Symposium.