The Department Marches For Science!

As you are probably aware, last Saturday, the 22nd, was the March for Science across the globe. Chicago’s march was 40,000 strong, and DePaul students, staff, and faculty were there to show their support for Science.

DePaul chemistry students and faculty members joined other science enthusiasts downtown in Grant Park to participate in the March for Science. The march was organized in the spirit of advocating for the scientific community and to voice support for the preservation of the scientific method. The morning began with a lively rally that encouraged those in attendance to continue to strive for scientific excellence all while promoting scientific curiosity and the preservation of our planet as the march coincided with the annual celebration of Earth Day. Supporters then marched down Columbus Drive toward The Field Museum where the event culminated with a science expo that included booths from local educational programs and advocate groups eager to share their information and passion for science with the general public. Those present included Drs. Karver, French, Baum-Wagner, Maresh, and Perez, as well as various students both individually and as part of student groups. They even ran into some faculty from the BIO department there!

Check out the photos below:

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