DePaul Faculty Go to #ACSNOLA

Part of doing science is communicating your results in both written and oral form. Towards this end, DePaul faculty travel to conferences to present the work they’ve done with students here in the department of chemistry and biochemistry.

This spring break, The American Chemical Society has it’s 255th National Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans.

Both Dr. Grice and Dr. Vadola will be presenting, and a poster by one of Dr. Griffin’s Collaborators is also being presented.

Dr. Grice is giving a talk on carbon dioxide reduction research performed with DePaul undergraduates. Here’s the abstract. 

Dr. Vadola is giving a talk on gold-catalyzed C-C coupling reaction research he has been performing with DePaul undergraduates. Here’s the abstract. 

Here’s the abstract to the poster by Dr. Griffin’s collaborators. Dr. Grice’s collaborator at RFUMS is also giving a poster based on the DePaul-RFUMS collaborative work, see here.

If you want to hear about what happens at the ACS meeting, you can follow the hashtag #ACSNOLA on twitter.

Also, if you are a student researcher and want to go to a conference, you should definitely find a way to do so! They are great experiences for learning about science, practicing science communication, networking with peers, and learning about potential career information. Talk to your research advisor well in advance and you might be able to find a way to fund the trip. The ACS Great Lakes Regional Meeting 2019 will be in Lisle, IL, and will be much cheaper than a ACS National meeting, so it should be fairly easy to attend. There are also many other options out there, so keep your eyes out and talk to your research advisor!


Chemistry Seminar this Friday!


Devery_Seminar Series_Slideshow

Our bi-weekly seminar is happening this Friday at 1 pm in McGowan South 103. Prof. Devery from Loyola will be coming to present his research. All are welcome, no matter their major or year! This will be particularly interesting to organometallic, organic, catalysis and other synthetic/mechanistic-inclined researchers. If you are interested in talking with Prof. Devery about research or graduate school at Loyola, contact Dr. Rubert Perez, who is organizing the visit.

The seminar series has been very interesting and insightful. Previous speakers have included Prof. Cho from Loyola, Amanda East for her thesis defense, and a seminar on  Cryo-EM by Prof. Rubert-Perez.

We hope to see you there and at future seminars! The abstract for the talk is included below. JamesDevery_Abstract_Web-1

A Poster Session… on Twitter?!?

Hello All,

Yes, you read that right. A poster session was held on twitter today by the Royal Society of Chemistry. You should check out the posters that were presented by searching for the #RSCPoster hashtag. Lots of cool science was presented from all around the world.

One of the cool things about this is people don’t have to travel, which saves on time and cost that they might not have. Also, it reduces the environmental impact associated with all of the travel by car and plane!

Here’s some more information on the poster session.

Maybe next year we can have some DePaul folks participate!


Undergrads, Present your Research at CAURS!



Every spring, the Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS) is held at a location in Chicago and undergraduates from DePaul, IIT, U of Chicago, Northwestern, Loyola, and Roosevelt Universities present posters and talks.

Here’s the website for CAURS.

This year, we are delighted that CAURS will be held at DePaul in our student center. The event is all day April 15th, 2018. Put it on your calendar!

It’s free and everyone is welcome, but registration is required for all attendees. Undergraduates, if you would like to present, talk to your research advisor and then submit your information by March 31. If you would like to go and see the posters and talks but do not want to present, register as an observer. Faculty and graduate students can register to be judges if they would like to get involved beyond just being an observer.

Students get valuable experience presenting their work, networking with peers, and seeing what kinds of research is being done by undergraduates around the Chicagoland area. In addition, several awards are given out for the best posters and talks.

We hope to see you all there!


Seminar This Friday from 1-2 pm in McGowan South 103!

Cho_TwitterOur Chemistry Seminar continues this Friday, with Professor Hee Yeon Cho from Loyola University! She will be talking about Transition-Metal Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom (C-X) Bond Formation, a very important topic for a variety of chemistry fields. See the flier below for an abstract of the talk. We hope to see you all there, everyone is welcome. The Seminar will be in McGowan South 103 from 1-3 pm on Friday February 23.Cho_Abstract_Web

Seminar Postponed due to weather

In light of the predicted overnight snow (5-8″ according to most info we’ve seen), we have decided the postpone the seminar for tomorrow in case interested students, faculty and our guest have difficulty getting to campus. For example, students and faculty might need to stay home with their children if their schools close (and some local schools are closing).

Stay tuned for a new date!

As far as we know, DePaul will be open and running as usual tomorrow. It’s Chicago winter weather! Check your email and D2L sites for any class-specific information. That said, be safe tomorrow if you have to drive.

-Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Seminar Friday – Prof. James Devery from Loyola

This Friday, the seminar from 1-2 pm in McGowan South 103 will be a research presentation from Prof. James Devery from Loyola University. The seminar will be a very interesting report about Dr. Devery’s studies of catalytic synthesis relevant to complex organic molecules. All are welcome to come see it!