Cesar Saucedo wins 1st Place Oral Presentation at LSAMP Conference

We found out recently that Cesar Saucedo, a Junior Chemistry major, won 1st place in Oral presentations at the Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) spring symposium in STEM. Cesar’s talk was titled “Electrochemical Behavior of Group 6 Metal Carbonyls for CO2 Reduction.”  Congratulations Cesar!

Cesar LSAMP photo

LSAMP is an organization that supports minority participation in Science and Technology, and they can fund students performing research in chemistry. They have a yearly spring symposium where students from several Illinois colleges and universities come to present their research in the form of posters and oral presentations. If you are interested in being involved in the LSAMP program at DePaul, contact Victoria Simek at the STEM center.


Angela Moses: MS Graduate of DePaul Chemistry

Our very own Dr. Kyle Grice had the opportunity to chat with recent MS graduate, Angela Moses. Read more to discover what Moses is most passionate about in the chemistry world and what she hopes to do now that she’s graduated.


Angela Moses1) What attracted you to the Master’s program at DePaul?

I was really attracted to the master’s program here at DePaul because for one, as an undergraduate here at DePaul, I knew all of the professors and could get more information regarding whatever my interest was given that I knew everyone. It was very familiar, which I really liked that aspect of it. I got into the 5-year BS/MS program that made this even more appealing to me as it would only really take me another year to complete a master’s degree in chemistry, which was something I really wanted to do in the first place.
2) Where did you complete your BS and what area of chemistry did you focus on? Did you work at a job before coming to DePaul?

I received my BS degree here at DePaul University with a concentration in Analytical/Physical Chemistry. During undergrad, I worked in the chemistry department as a lab prepper, as a course assistant, as well as a teaching assistant. I also conducted research with Dr. Kozak (focused on theory) and with Dr. Parra (computational). During the last two years of my undergrad career, I also worked as a supplemental instruction leader and then became a supplemental instruction leader mentor during my senior year. I enjoyed all of my jobs here at DePaul!

3) What area of chemistry is currently most interesting to you and why?

Before I took the advanced inorganic course, I would have said anything physical or analytical. I say that because I love math, and both these concentrations revolve around math. Analytical chemistry is a passion because it was super hard/challenging because here, everything is taken into account, as it should be. And it just made much more sense as the course went on. Physical chemistry is very different from anything that I have done, and I love it. It’s super hard but that’s where the fun begins for me. I loved quantum mechanics and kinetics because kinetics brought everything together and made everything make much more sense.

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DePaul Chemistry MS programs

In addition to our undergraduate degrees in chemistry (BS, BA, and Chemistry Minors are available), we have several options for students interested in a Masters in Chemistry:

  • Standard MS – Thesis and non-thesis tracks
  • MS in Polymer and Coating Science – Thesis and non-thesis tracks
  • Combined BS/MS for DePaul Undergraduate Students.

Our MS courses are offered at night because we recognized that MS students may be working during the day as their take their courses. Many MS students also TA labs or tutor students at DePaul. Several of our MS students do research in various research groups in the department. If they are on the thesis track, they write a thesis and give a thesis defense at the end of their time here.

Our MS students come from a variety of locations and backgrounds, and go on to get PhDs in chemistry, go into chemical industry, or go into a variety of other jobs such as teaching at local community colleges.

Applications to our program are accepted three times a year: August 1st for Autumn Quarter, December 1st for Winter Quarter, and March 1st for Spring Quarter.

For more information, check out the graduate program page on the Department of Chemistry Website. 

You can also come and ask questions at the quarterly DePaul Graduate Program Open House events. The next one is this Thursday, October 13th, from 5-7 pm in room 120 in the Student Center on the Lincoln Park Campus at 2250 N Sheffield Ave.

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JoAnn Girel MS Student of DePaul Chemistry

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Myles Edwards MS Chemistry Student DePaul

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